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The aTrek Dance Collective is a not for profit organization of St. Louis based dance artists dedicated to the development of local contemporary modern dance programs. Our primary activities include creating opportunities for advanced training and development of dance artists and presentation of their work. aTrek offers community based activities including master classes, workshops, school residencies, and performances. We promote the values of artistic expression, physical awareness, and cultural diversity through dance. The Dance Collective serves school children, pre-professional dancers and adult audiences in St. Louis, Missouri and surrounding areas.


Met with nonstop critical acclaim, aTrek has struck a chord in and beyond the heartland of America. The company’s offerings have stretched from its beginnings in Saint Louis, Missouri to regional and national touring with performances in such diverse locations as New York, California, Maine, Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, Tennessee, and Peru.

In 1988, Atrek began as the performing duo of dancers/choreographers Angela Culbertson and Terry Pexton. Born with an uncanny willingness to risk, Artistic Director Angela Culbertson guided the company from its inception until the spring of 2003.

In 2003, Atrek Dance Company evolved into a collaborative group of artists. The Dance Collective presents works choreographed local artists and guest artists specially selected by the collective to represent the collective artistic vision.

Additionally, Atrek is backed by a strong and diverse group of community leaders as its Board of Directors. Along with these core individuals is aTrek’s Front Row which consists of individuals pledging to support Atrek with a substantial contribution for a minimum of three years and to help in the ongoing development of the company’s financial resources.